Guyana... The Gateway to Investment Opportunities

Dr. Peter Ramsaroop’s Welcome Message
The Gateway to Opportunities
Welcome to the Guyana Office for Investment where our country’s Investment Platform is based on a democratic government, transparency and accountability and the belief in family, faith and freedom as demonstrated by our multi ethnic, multi religious society. Our free – enterprise economic framework promotes rapid and sustainable economic and social growth. Our public and private sector leaders work together in an extended vision that assures measurable objectives are successful.
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Export Catalog
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Browse a wide range of companies and products grown or made in Guyana for global export.
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Grown or Made in Guyana... Shared with the World.
Browse a wide range of companies and products grown or made in Guyana for global export.
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Exciting opportunities across multiple sectors

55 Ways to Invest


Meat Processing Operation
Abattoir and Packing House
Seafood and Fish Processing Operation
Large Scale Cattle Ranching
Large Scale Pig Rearing
Large Scale Farming- Fruits and Vegetable, Etc.
Expanded Poultry Rearing
Value Added Coconut Processing
Dairy Operation
Value Added Diary Products
Production (Cheese, Yogurt etc.)
Canning and Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables
Packaging Facilities for Food and other exports
Corn and Soya Bean Production
Certified Organic Farms


Garment/ Textile Factory
Cosmetics Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Value Added Jewelry Production for Export
Pre Cast Factory
Glass Factory
Coco Peat Manufacturing
Animal Feed Production (Rice Barn, Wheat Middling etc.)
Herbal Teas/ Essential Oils Production
Gluten Free Products- Rice Flour, Noodles etc.
Furniture Factory
Operations for Machinery and Equipment
Clay Brick Factory
Biodegradable containers and packaging


Teaching Hospitals
Financial Institutions/ Banks
International Universities
International Business Parks
Specialize Medical Centres/ Tele-medicine and Laboratories
Sanitation and Water Treatment Infrastructure
Storage and Warehousing Operations
Shipping and Logistics
Air Cargo (for fresh and Frozen Produce)
Laundromats and cleaning services (especially for the Tourism and the Services Industry)
Conference Facilities
Recycling Plant
Internationally accredited Training Facilities


Sports Entertainment Complex
Theme Parks
Marina and Entertainment Facility (Off the Essequibo)
Ship Cruisers Terminals
Golf Course and Club
Eco Tourism, Spa and Wellness Resort


Solar Farms
Waste to Energy Operation to serve the Oil and Gas Industry
Waste to Diesel


Bauxite Industry Development
Sand Mining for the Oil and Gas Industry (Frac Sand Mining)
Mining of Semi-Precious Stones


Expanded Call Centre/ BPO for Linden, Berbice and Essequibo Counties


Sawmilling and Wood Dressing Operation


Guyana is open and ready for your Investment
We are accelerating the process, be part of the fastest growing economy.

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