Type: Exporter
Company: MOIN Export CO
Sector: Building Materials


1. Bricks
2. Plastics
3. Tiles

Contact Person: Moin Khan - CEO
Tel: 9179627828
Email: Salaudeen@sp-funds.com
Address: 1331 S International Pkwy

MOIN Export CO
About Company

The realm of higher/ refined statistics introduced by Rameshji in cricket did not cross my mind before his input.   Indeed I agree with both scholars, per capita for cricket in Guyana and athletics in Jamaica.the world can’t beat us.   For Bolt, probably he added some ganja in his yam, and in the case of those magnificent Berbicians, was it the Demerara or “bush” rum, and coconut wata? I think in “Blasting For Runs” Kanhai spoke about the use of coconut branches for bats.  John Arlott, the great cricket commentator once said he did not know what madness went into the mind of this “handsome, diminutive genius” barely standing after having one too many ,he would unleash some of the most unbelievable strokes.    Guyana coconut wata and rum!”   Osain Bolt loves his gold-coated shoes.   Did the gold stuff come from El Dorado, the unmistakable color of the Guyana Rum?  Well guys, one topic introduced by Dhanpaulji generated so much happiness and common interest.  This is great.

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