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Cleaning business using microorganic solutions to illuminate pathogens and viruses that cause infections and disease resulting in better health and increased productivity.

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A  dynamic company with potential and a vision to minimize and ultimately illuminate the increased rise in cross-contamination and infection by practical education for eradication.

  • Environmentally friendly space with cleaner fresher air and clean surroundings.
  • Surfaces clean of dust mites and microorganisms
  • Removal of molds causing illness killing the bacteria.
  • Cleaning care and steam clean of clothing, drapes etc.

Monthly or Quarterly environmental deep cleaning can significantly reduce the cost of negative effects of health outcomes.

Further, enhance hygiene and ultimately health.

Laundry services are conveniently available by pickup or drop off at locations closest to you.

Shortest possible time based on demand for bookings for cleaning

And time clothing is collected or brought.

Special requirements are made for sickbed and room sanitation.

Also, linen as necessary precautions has to be taken.

Cleaning with Meaning

I am looking for An investor.

To recommend clients or otherwise, based on agreement

Minimum Investment $100,000

Team Members
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Kim Adams
Jahcinta Adams
Minimum amount is £ Maximum amount is £
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