Tebogah B. Christian
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Christian serves as the Director of Finance and Corporate Compliance. He has extensive managerial experience that encompasses Accounts, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Project planning & Execution. He is also a well-established and proven entrepreneur.

Prior to his appointment as a Director at the Agency, he held several significant post as Company Secretary, Administrative Manager and General Manager at Local Engineering, Oil & Gas & Hospitality firms respectively.

Coming from a project conceptualization and execution background, developing an acute skillset for appraising potential investment opportunities became a necessity. His ambition is to ensure there is a robust and comprehensive due diligence and compliance capability at the Agency.

He holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire, ACCA certified and has an advanced diploma in project management from the Institute of Commercial Management with future academic pursuits in International Business Law.

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