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Development of 10,000 acres of coconut for coconut water for global demand.

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We are inviting you to participate in a world-class opportunity to invest in a Coconut-Water Development project in GUYANA – The gateway to opportunities!

Guyana is endowed with fertile lands, a tropical climate, and fresh water all year round. Go-Invest has identified a 10,000-acre plot of land in Canjie, East Berbice with River-connect transport artery for the lowest transport cost. The lands can be easily developed by installing our traditional drainage and irrigation canals which can also double for in-farm transport.  50-yr renewable land lease is available. GOINVESTwill provide a one-stop-shop for all your investment needs in Guyana.

This opportunity will allow you to integrate farm with agro industrial processing on site for offering the lowest average cost in the industry. Your market opportunities are in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean in the health, and sports drink segments. A Significant niche may also be developed in high end market locations for direct home, family sized delivery.  A deep water harbour is expected soon near the project site.

Market Potentials:

Market Potential

The global coconut water market is estimated at USD 4.27 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.1% from 2020 to 2027 (Tetra Pack, 2019). Worldwide people have experienced significant growth in their incomes, and are adopting healthier lifestyles. The trend is to move away from sugary drinks and adopting healthy, and nutritional drinks. Coconut water acts as an alternative to carbonated beverages as it is considered to be beneficial for several health conditions, especially for weight management.


Current Cultivation in Guyana

Guyana currently has an estimated 24,000 acres of commercially grown coconuts. Recently however, the increased demand for coconuts (dried whole, copra, and coconut water) has now necessitated an increase in cultivation and the government through GOINVEST is supportive. Coastal developed lands are all privately owned and managed. Potential for large developmental investment only exists in areas where land must now be developed. GoInvest has identified 10,000 acres of fertile lands on the Left Bank of the Canjie River, suitable for coconut cultivation for you.


Calculated in USD

  • Investment (Over 3 yrs.)                                                            $42m
  • Size of Plantation:                                                                  10,287ac
  • Cultivated Land:                                                                         9,051ac
  • Expected Income at Peak                                                           $78m
  • Exptd. Coco Wtr Prod yr 3                                                        4 m Lt
  • Exptd. Coco Wtr Prod yr 4                                                     14 m Lt
  • Exptd. Coco Wtr Prod yr 5                                                     27 m Lt
  • Exptd. Peak Coco Wtr Prod                                                   41 m Lt
  • Exptd. Pay-back Period:                                                               Yr. 6
  • Project Life Expectancy                                                            20 yrs
  • Expected NPV:                                                                            $325 m
  • Expected IRR:                                                                                  33%
  • Discounted at                                                                                      7%
  • Factory-gate Price                                                                    $1.89Lt
  • Expected Cost/Liter of Wtr                                                  $0.20Lt
  • Project Expected to show a Positive Cash Flow in yr 4;
  • Net Income expects to peak in yr 10 at $45m.

Guyana Coconut Water Development

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Berbice, Guyana

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Minimum Investment $US 15,000,000

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