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El Dorado 25 Year Old Grand Special Reserve
Category: Beverages

Created to mark the turn of the millennium, El Dorado 25 Year Old Grand Special Reserve possesses a silky smoothness which challenges the oldest cognac. The constant ambient warmth and tropical conditions of Demerara dramatically hasten the maturation process. An after dinner treat for sipping slowly and sparingly. This rum is rich, smooth and mellow with silky smooth mouthfeel and subtle notes of caramel and heavy fruit cake.

El Dorado 21 Year old Special Reserve
Category: Beverages

The velvety smooth finish of the El Dorado 21 Year Old Rum is acquired from the French Savalle Still. This rum also features cognac- type notes which are accredited to the Versailles Single Wooden Pot Still. These blends contribute to a finish that is nutty and smoky. Nose of mocha, toffee, tobacco, and dark spices. The mouth is velvety smooth with full body of tropical fruits, coffee, leather, and rich toffee.

El Dorado 15 Year Old
Category: Beverages

The El Dorado 15 Year Old Rum is artfully blended using marques from the EHP Wooden Coffey, the Metal Coffey, the Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still and the Versailles Single Wooden Pot Still. Its unmistakeable taste is achieved from the Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still, which provides an earthy, peat-like finish. Demerara Distillers Limited u00a9 2021 Full nose packed with dark coffee, candied orange, almonds, dark chocolate, pepper and rich vanilla. Beautifully rounded palate with a great spread of flavours: grilled tropical fruit with smooth oaky spice u2013 silky, vibrant and moderately full-bodied.

El Dorado 12 Year Old
Category: Beverages

The El Dorado 12 Year Old possesses a rich fruity bouquet of explosive flavours, owing largely to the estery richness acquired from the EHP Wooden Coffey and Metal Coffey Stills. Lush tropical fruit and spice nose with hints of honey and dark sugar. The profile is round, mellow and full bodied with rich flavours of fruits and spice. The finish is delightful, elegant and dry

El Dorado 8 Year Old
Category: Beverages

Created by our Master Blender, this rum was laid down in oak barrels for at least eight years producing a smooth and characterful blend that is perfect for sipping or for use in craft cocktails. Light to medium-bodied nose with hints of tobacco mixed with caramel toffee. Faint aroma of dried stone fruits and flambu00e9e banana. Soft and faintly sweet mouthfeel with traces of oak and butterscotch. Distinctly smooth

El Dorado 5 Year Old
Category: Beverages

Laid down in oak barrels for at least five years, this rum is imbued with unsurpassed dimensions and depth. Enjoyed best straight or on the rocks. Lively with a dried tropical fruit nose with aromas of caramel, butterscotch and molasses. A vibrant spicy entry leads to an evolving palate of fruit, caramel and toasted coconut, fading to a vanilla-tinted glow

El Dorado 3 Year Old
Category: Beverages

Laid down in oak barrels for at least three years, this rum is then double filtered through natural charcoal to remove colour, resulting in a spirit that is incredibly smooth and versatile. Perfect for mixing cocktails. Citrus and vanilla nose enhanced by notes of chocolate and raisins. Smooth rounded palate with coconut u2013 fruity with a dry rounded finish. Balanced yet full flavoured

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