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Convert local agricultural raw materials into healthy, nutritious, extended shelf life, ready to eat packaged products.

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Gespro Packaging Solutions is seeking to partner with local companies to establish, improve or expand their food or beverage operations. Gespro will share our expertise with a local partners to convert local agricultural materials into value added ready to eat packaged finished products with extended shelf life. The finished products will be suitable for local consumption or export.

a) This project will consume local raw milk and produce pasteurized fluid milk, cheese, yogourt and butter from 100 litres per batch or 1000 litres per batch.

Dairy imports are 1.8B and is expected to increase as demand increases due to the emphasis to revitalize the tourism industry and the expected growth of the economy. Local dairy materials are underutilized and is not processed into a safe for sale commercial finished product. The return on investment for this product category is up to 300%.

b) This project will consume local grains to produce cereals and ready to eat packaged snacks.

Grains are grown in abundance and exported for processing while the finished product are reimported. The return on investment is up to 250%

c) This project will convert fresh fruits into processed juices with an extended shelf life

Fruit juices are consumed fresh and spoilage losses are high due to lack of access to  processing facilities.

Local consumption is expected to increase due to the high GDP growth and the subsequent increase of disposable income.

Our team has extensive knowledge in food and beverage processing and packaging and Gespro  agreement with equipment manufacturers for small or large scale operations will provide a timely start up. Our Caribbean project managers have been assigned to lead the project.


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