‘Catch the President’s vision’ – G0-Invest CEO urges locals

‘Catch the President’s vision’ – G0-Invest CEO urges locals


Peter Ramsaroop, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest), is urging Guyanese, regardless of their political persuasion, to buy into the vision of President Irfaan Ali; a vision he believes is acute for Guyana’s development at this time.

With 25 approved projects facilitated by Go-Invest since the change in government in August 2020, Ramsaroop said the majority of those projects, although in the agriculture sector, involves Guyanese.

He believes there are still gaps that need to be filled and has urged his fellow countrymen and women to “get on board.”

“Catch the President’s vision. I would say to all citizens in Guyana, this is not about business opportunity alone… take time and study the President’s budget and his vision for Guyana and see where you fit,” Ramsaroop said during an interview with the News Room at his Camp Street, Georgetown office on Friday.

The Go-Invest CEO said everyone has a chance to develop individually in the process of national development.

Peter Ramsaroop, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Office for Investment (Photo: News Room/May 28, 2021)

“I would say join on; the President is the President for all of Guyana. Guyana is on the move and [it is] our job to jump on the train and say I want a part of Guyana,” he added.

Ramsaroop also believes that there is a nexus where the government’s development agenda ties into what investors, both foreign and local, are looking for. In this regard, he said Go-Invest takes its role as a facilitator in this process seriously as is the mandate of the agency.

“Our mandate is to deliver on the President’s promise to the people of Guyana… we have a visionary President with the fastest growing economy.

“His [President Ali’s] direction is fairly simple… we look at the budget which outlines the pillars for development and then our role is to match investment with that vision,” he said.

Ramsaroop said the highlight of his work in recent months has been to watch President Ali pursue his aggressive economic agenda and delivering on the commitments he has made while allowing all ministries and agencies to fulfil the vision.

The investment agency – GO-Invest – falls under the Office of the President and has been, in conjunction with other agencies, pushing both local and foreign direct investment in recent months.

With a focus on agriculture, Guyana intends to realise its dream of becoming the breadbasket of the Caribbean region while at the same time becoming the world’s leading eco-tourism destination.

There are also prospects for investment in information and communication technology, services, extractive sector, manufacturing and energy.

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