Denmark-based shipping company expanding services in Guyana with 100% local workforce

Denmark-based shipping company expanding services in Guyana with 100% local workforce


By OilNOW March 28, 2021

The massive discoveries of oil offshore Guyana continue to propel the economic prospects of the country, making it one of the top investment destinations in the hemisphere. This has seen companies all over the world flocking to the country’s shores to tap into the increasing opportunities in what is now the fastest growing economy in the world.

One such company – Blue Water Shipping — an international project, freight forwarding and logistics firm — has been operating in Guyana for four years now and is planning to expand.

Richard DeNobrega

General Manager, Richard DeNobrega said the European company’s office in the country is staffed and managed by Guyanese and more will be recruited to support their growing activities.

“We will be expanding tremendously over the next few months,” he stated, adding, “It will do very well for the citizens of Guyana.” In their ongoing expansion activities, the company is recruiting Guyanese to fill a number of vacant positions to support their local operations.

The General Manager commented on how the oil discoveries in Guyana have made the country an attractive destination for investors. “With the oil and gas discoveries over the last five years, Guyana has been catapulted, its image has been thrown all over the world and what has happened, it has forced other companies, other service providers to take a look at the region and tailor their services to suit the global requirements of an oil and gas nation,” he said.

DeNobrega said they play an integral role in the setting up of oil and gas project logistics and operations in Guyana. “We worked very closely with a lot of the key operators down in Guyana, and helped them get set up,” DeNobrega said. He noted that in 2019, the strategic decision was made to cement their footprint in the region and they officially opened their office in the country. The company also operates in Trinidad and Suriname.

Blue Water Shipping offers end-to-end project and logistics management. “So from the origin all the way up to the client’s doorstep or facility in Guyana, we are able to offer that full slate of supply chain management and of course the end-to-end business,” DeNobrega explained.

As part of their services delivered in Guyana, they have conducted air and vessel charters, and he noted their abilities to do so in a timely manner.

He said Blue Water has about 1800 employees internationally and 60 offices worldwide, which allows them to have a global reach and agents to enable companies in Guyana and the region to ship cargo from all corners of the world.

Blue Water Shipping Customs Brokers, Kishon Gorakh and Ralph Bhagelu

Currently, the local office is 100 percent staffed and managed by Guyanese, and the General Manager said that they have allocated a significant amount of investment to future operations in the South American country.

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