President Ali’s address on the occasion of Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary

President Ali’s address on the occasion of Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary


Fifty-four years ago, Guyana declared itself as a Republic. In so doing, it severed the
remaining relationship of its constitutional attachment to the United Kingdom, from
which it had attained its Independence in 1966.  
Republican status vested in the people of Guyana full sovereignty over the entirety of
our country and the political, social and economic processes within. We, the custodians
of the Republic, must zealously guard our nation’s sovereignty, promote its development
and safeguard democracy. 
A threat to our territorial integrity poses a direct challenge to our sovereignty because it
stakes a claim upon the settled geographical boundaries that define our nation.
Territorial integrity is not merely about lines on a map; it symbolises the autonomy and
control which a nation exercises over its land, waters, air space, resources and people.
Without total control over our territory, our sovereignty is compromised. We shall never
surrender an inch of our territory or cede national sovereignty.
A threat to national development undermines the prosperity and well-being of our
people. Any impediment to our development, including through the instigation of
political strikes of instability, directly impacts the livelihoods and opportunities
available to our people. Such actions not only hinder our progress as a nation but also
can result in hardships among our populace.
I am the product of two teachers. I proudly stand as President of this Republic from a
family and community of teachers. I have thousands of friends who are teachers, but
most importantly, I am the President of all our teachers and all of Guyana. My
commitment to every worker of this country – to every citizen of this country—is that
prosperity will come, but it will take time and patience, and it will take sacrifices.

In the next three and a half years, we’ll see the expansion of our economy, and with that
will come better conditions of work, better conditions for our farmers, more investment
in our human resource potential, and, of course, more investment in the welfare,
salaries, and conditions for all the people of our country. This is the commitment of the
People’s Progressive Party Civic government. And, this is my commitment to the people
of this country.
If you look at all the commitments that I have made and this government made three
years ago, I can stand before you and confidently say that we have not only kept all of
those commitments in less than four years, but we have fulfilled those commitments we
made in less than four years.
Now, we are working beyond those commitments because we recognise the hard work,
we recognise the strength of character and that you, the beautiful people of this country,
are giving your pound of flesh for the prosperity of our country. We shall work hand-in-
hand with you to ensure that prosperity comes to every Guyanese family.
My friends,
Sovereignty derives from the collective will and consent of the governed, who entrust
their representatives with the authority to rule in their best interests. True sovereignty
lies in the ability of the people to freely determine their political destiny and hold their
leaders accountable. Any threat to this fundamental right erodes the very foundation of
our nationhood. Perverting the will of the people through attempts to rig elections or to
justify the rigging of elections, impairs and injures national sovereignty by subverting
the democratic principles upon which it is built.
Those who advocate for and justify the rigging of elections represent the epitome of
moral bankruptcy. Such individuals demonstrate a blatant disregard for the principles
of fairness, justice, and the sanctity of the electoral process. By condoning election
rigging, they corrode the very foundation of democracy and the stability of our Republic.
Guyana will never return to the era where our Republic was tainted. Guyana’s harrowing
experience with dictatorship stands as a stark reminder of the perils of rigged elections.
That era is a closed chapter in our history. We have liberated ourselves from its grasp
and fashioned a republic that is democratic and which continues to work to unite our
people and defend our territorial integrity.
We are protecting our Motherland from all threats from outside of our borders. We are
strengthening national defence. The capabilities of our Defence Force are being
improved, defence diplomacy is being strengthened, and defence cooperation is being

Our Republic threatens no one. We eschew aggression. We are a peaceful nation. We
settle disputes peacefully and repose our trust in international law. We seek friendly
relations with our neighbours. We want peace and stability. Our investment is to ensure
that peace and stability remain in our region and a foundation through which
neighbourly love and goodwill are built.
At home, our people are rallying behind the One Guyana agenda, rejecting the divisive
forces that seek to sow discord. The One Guyana initiative has been transformative,
forging social cohesion and fostering a sense of solidarity and shared purpose among
Guyanese of all backgrounds. By celebrating and embracing our rich ethnic diversity,
the One Guyana platform promotes inclusivity and social harmony, transcending
barriers and bridging divides that have long plagued our society. Through this collective
endeavour, we are building a stronger nation where every citizen is valued and
empowered to contribute to our shared future.
Our Republic is now characterised by a dynamic economy that has become the fastest
growing in the world and which is prepped for sustained growth and development. Our
economy is becoming more diversified and resilient. The country has become a magnet
for investment, and with this investment comes jobs and income for our people.
Our model of development, at this stage in our economic history, aims to continue to
invest in our people’s well-being. The vision we have for our Republic is one in which the
country’s development revolves around ensuring that every Guyanese family can attain
a decent standard of living, with access to fundamental needs such as adequate housing,
quality and lifelong education, nutritious food, healthcare, education, clean water,
security and recreational facilities. This encompasses providing opportunities for home
ownership, eliminating hunger, offering comprehensive healthcare services across all
life stages, facilitating skills training for employment, and creating an environment
conducive to wealth creation for every family through entrepreneurship and across all
economic sectors.
We are building an economy to function in a world of 2030 and beyond, where we will
be sustainable and relevant, where government efficiency will be at its best and where
government transparency will be of paramount importance. Pensioners will retire in
dignity, our men and women in uniform must have access to the best quality of life,
nurses have access to the best quality of life, and farmers have access to the greatest
productive capacity. Research and development become a foundation through which
innovation is built and where our country and people will be prosperous.
That is the Guyana 2030 that we are building.

The next six years require hard work, sacrifices, and commitment, and for each of us to
give our best. I am committed to this work, and my government is committed to this
Yes, who comes in 2030 will inherit the ripened fruit, but that is not worrying to us. We
are prepared to do the hard work now so that Guyana can enjoy the fruit of the labour in
a world 2030 and beyond—one far different than the one we live in today.
And let me say that as we confront the 2030 that we want to deliver to our children and
the people of this country to inherit—the principles, values and morals that form this
Republic and that we adhere to must be kept, and our humility as a people must remain
That is why, on our 54 th Republic, we make a call once more to the world that the
atrocities in Gaza must come to an end now. The killing must stop now. The only
solution is a ceasefire and for the two countries to move towards a two-state solution.
That has always been our fundamental position, and we call on all parties to move in
this direction.
My friends, fellow Guyanese,
Consistent with the overarching objective of providing greater benefits to all of our
people, we have been improving the quality of life for citizens. I wish to provide a
snapshot of some of the achievements we have made.
In the health sector, we have:

  • reduced maternal mortality;
  • expanded cervical cancer care – 90% of girls should receive the HPV vaccine by
    the time they reach the age of 15 years;
  • we are on course to ensure that 70% of women undergo high-performance
    screening tests by the time they reach the age of 35 years;
  • last year, we provided more than 10,000 mammograms, and this will double this
    number this year. Every single woman will have the opportunity to be tested for
    cervical cancer. We are spending more than $2billion to ensure treatment.
  • we are supporting patients in need of dialysis and cardiac surgery.
    We have been improving the incomes and benefits offered to our workers. Our
    interventions have:
  • paid salary has seen tremendous increases in the last 4 years.
  • Invested in our healthcare workers, men and women in uniform, investments in
    education, housing and water (more than 30,000 new lots allocated), 53 % of
    which went to women-led households.

  • More than 20,000 women are pursuing studies under the GOAL scholarship
    As your President, I am bothered about our men. Our men are not taking their place in
    our society. They are not advancing to support our women. Fewer men are enrolling in
    the scholarship programme. Fewer men are entering the teaching profession and
    universities. This is a call of action for men across this country and, more so, across this
    region. This must change and change quickly.
    My friends,
    Our investment in youth, upgrading facilities, sports, and grounds are transformative.
    The government has implemented a wide range of initiatives to support various
    segments of society, including our indigenous people. Never before has any government
    invested like we’re investing now in our indigenous communities and in our indigenous
    We believe that the equality and equity we want to build must create opportunities in
    every segment of our country, and prosperity must be felt by in every community across
    the country.
    Over the last three-plus years, old age pensions have increased by more than 75%,
    Under One Guyana, we intend to elevate both national and household prosperity,
    ensuring that every citizen experiences a life filled with dignity and where there are
    harmonious relations within and between communities.
    On this note, every country must have an opposition that is critically integrated into the
    life of the country. The opposition has responsibilities too, and must act in a responsible
    way, must behave in a responsible way. That opposition must uphold the fundamentals
    of democracy and the rule of law. This is the country we want in 2030 –when every
    segment of leadership and population will assume their responsibility with dignity and
    honour, upholding and executing their responsibility with pride. This is the Republic we
    must celebrate and aspire to.
    My friends,
    We are strengthening internal security to safeguard development and wealth at the
    community and household level and to cultivate an environment where citizens can live
    free from the spectre of fear looming over their daily lives and unburdened by concerns
    of robberies, intrusion or harm. We shall be implementing strong measures to reduce
    road accidents and minimise the loss of precious lives.
    The Safe Country initiative will be rolled out aggressively until every single community,
    street and every corner is covered. We have outlined a vision for Guyana for 2030 and

beyond. This vision involves a comprehensive transformation across infrastructural,
human, technological, and social fronts. This transformation will be coupled with
economic diversification, boosting non-traditional sectors, creating new areas of growth,
and ensuring environmental protection and sustainable and resilient development. This
vision will ensure a highly competitive economy and a country that leads on global
issues such as climate, energy and food security.
On this note and in recognising our chief guest, Dr Keith Rowley, I want to assure our
Region that the prosperity of Guyana must lead to the prosperity of this Region. We
must work together to find innovative solutions in combining human resources and all
our efforts to build a cohesive Region, in which our Regional economy will be highly
functional and highly integrated, one where we can be interdependent on each other and
where we can build a Region free from hunger, energy poverty, and a Region in which
we are capable of dealing our problems and finding solutions among ourselves.
As we celebrate the 54th anniversary of our Republic, we can take pride in our efforts at
rebuilding our economy, restoring, strengthening and defending our democracy,
protecting our Motherland, improving the welfare and well-being of citizens and laying
the pathway towards sustained prosperity.
This is our moment in history when we forge ahead. The greatest return on democracy
is prosperity for all. Let us traverse this road towards prosperity with patience, sacrifice,
and commitment. There is no shortcut, and the transition will take time, but we will; we
shall, by the grace of God, grow from strength to strength.
By 2030 we will be a net exporter of energy, food, climate and environmental services,
health, and educational services. The government will run on a digital platform,
removing human biases and improving efficiency and transparency. We will have a
country with a state-of-the-art defence and security infrastructure. We will live in a
country of love, unity, dignity, honour and pride.
The contours of that prosperity are now more visible than ever. In celebrating our 54th
Republic anniversary let us commit to build a Guyana that is united, democratic and
prosperous. One in which the will of the people will be one of cohesion, strength of
character, and building for each other.
Happy Republic anniversary, Guyana!

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